Safflower Headache Remedy

So many people, travelers and locals alike, are telling me of their headaches lately. I think that the sun being directly overhead here at the Equator affects us more than we think!. We have to hydrate more and rest when we need to, not worry about what people think. Watch the  animals. They have no compunction about resting when they need to. Here is a natural, local remedy for headaches and migraines. My friends gave me this recipe!

Recipe of the Day – Safflower Headache Remedy



10 safflower seeds

1 T. Water

Directions: Soak the 10 safflower seeds in a spoonful of water . Strain the seeds and drink the water only. Don’t eat the seeds. Do it again in 20 minutes with the same seeds, if your headache has not gone away,

Word/Phrase of the Day – dolor de la cabeza – headache

Tip of the Day – Keep drinking liquids, rest and cover your head at mid-day. (I’m not good at that one)

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