Kombucha Frostie

i took off on my bike at 7 this morning to do a private chi lesson. Then it started to rain, and I hunkered down into the comfort of my jacket. I notice a taxi pull up behind me and someone lifted out their bike, so i asked if mine could go in. He said yes, but then i had to climb in back, too, as there was no room inside! Well, I thought, that didn’t help, I’m still getting wet! But then the taxi driver stopped and a man hopped in back. Everyone yelled for me to come up front, so nice! That man took my place and chose to get wet, an Ecuadorian, for me! Inside, there were two already squeezed in up front, three in back, and one seven-year old wedged between the front seats, facing backward, trying to catch a few more winks of sleep before school. God I love this culture. Have I said that before?

Recipe of the Day – Kombucha Frostie


Tea –
80 ou. Sun Tea (water with 4 tsp. (or 4 teabags) green or black tea)
2/3 c. raw honey, dissolved in a little of the tea (or raw sugar, or raw agave)
1 scoby (the Manchurian mushroom)

Directions: Pour the honey mixture into the tea. Wash the scoby and slide it into the tea, gently. Put a paper towel or cheesecloth on top, with a rubber band to hold it. Place in indirect sunlight, in a warm, airy place. Check after 8 days to see if it’s to your liking, or if you’d like it more fermented. Add more sweetener, fruit juice, herbs or vanilla if desired. I added cherry juice after one week, to these bottles on the table.

Word of theDay – caballero – gentleman

Tip of the Day –Kombucha is not for everyone. My sister and I find, right now, that it is a little too acidic for our bodies. Yes, at one time, it was very healing. So, go with your body and see how it feels.

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