Frozen Morning Smoothies – Ready to Eat!

Tiko was barking so I looked outside, then let him out as it appeared there were two service men in green, with orange hats. Perhaps they were looking at the electric meter? I waved, but they didn’t move or wave back. I thought, hmmm, and put on my distance glasses. It wasn’t two men at all I waved at, but two six-foot flowers with orange petals. Yikes. I better wear my glasses more.

Recipe of the Day – Morning-Ready Smoothies

1 frozen banana

1 c. frozn berries

1 c. papaya, mango or orange, frozen

1 1/2 c. almond, coconut milk or water

Directions: Cut up yoir fruit and store in baggies in the freezer. Ready to use in the morning, Just add the liquid and blend!

Word of the Day – gafas -glasses

Tip of the Day –Batch prep and freeze fruit for smoothie packs in the morning.

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