Apple Cinnamon Granola with Cacao Nibs

This morning a taxi with my neighbors in it drove by, just as i was hopping on my bike. They offered to give me a ride, so I accepted, thinking, “Oh, great, i won’t have to ride the 6-minute head-sweating hill just before you enter Vilca. ” And guess where they stopped to turn off to Loja? Right at the base of the big hill! Dang it! But i did save 25 minutes of riding, and did  have more strength to ride the hill, so for that I am eternally grateful!

Recipe of the Day – Apple Cinnamon Granola with Cacao Nibs


4 c. Oats

2 c. Applesauce (see Might Fast Applesauce recipe this blog)

1 c. Water ot tea

1 c. Shredded coconut

2 tsp. Cinnamon

2 droppersful liquid Chocolate Stevia

1/4 c. Coconut crystals


Soak the oats in the water and applesauce. Add the other ingedients, cacao nibs last. Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 4  or more hours until crspy. Or bake at 225 drgrees F. For 40 minutes, stirring often.

Word of the Day – colina – hill

Tip of the Day – When a gift comes, Dorothy, take it. Its okay.

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