Mighty-Fast Applesauce

Some secret elf fixed my bike. I have an idea who it was. Some sweet man who knows I live alone and this is the second time he’s fixed my bike. But I came out of the JF, and there the basket was, all un-dented and looking healed. Wow. I love Vilca. And the people here.

Recipe of the Day – Mighty-Fast Applesauce


1/2 c. water or coconut water

1 banana

1 date, soaked and pitted

2 medium apples, cored and sliced

juice of one lemon

1/2 tsp. cinnamon



Soak the date in a little water for 10 minutes. Save that date water and add to the blender with the rest of the ingredients.

Word of the Day – reparar – to repair

Tip of the Day – Use this applesauce in your sugar-free brownies, cakes, muffins. It makes them perfectly sweet!

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