Menu for Guests

Okay, I think I’m ready for my my friend to arrive tomorrow, she and her three friends! Woohoo! I’ll be so happy to see my Montana friend, gosh.

Recipe/Menu for the Day:


Bowls of tangerines and cut-up pineapple

Cold drinks:

Maracuya Juice

Cold Lemongrass Tea with Lemon

Pineapple Clove Tea

Purified Alkalized Water

Home-made gluten free rolls with



Cashew-Onion Spread

Thai Green Papaya Salad

Carrot Flax Crackers

O’henry Bars


Oat Milk

Chocolate Smoothies

Peruvian Oatmeal

Directions: You know what to do. Eat it. That should get us by until dinner, ha ha!

Word of the Day – amigas – girlfriends

Tip of the Day – My wise daughter once told me, “Put out drinks for the women, and salty snacks for the guys.” Seems to be true!

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