Little Fry Breads and Refried Black Beans

I was saying this in a letter to someone today. What are your thoughts? Still searching.

I’m so confused with “being in love.” No one is ever in love all the the time, right? The only real love state, i find, is when I am infused with Divine love when meditating, or throughout the day when the ego leaves, and I just love, love, love. And perhaps I have chosen one love to give that to all my life, at different stages. But the typical, “being in love” state is when you’re enamored of another, and think how wonderful they are, right? And isn’t that true of any enlightened moment, to think and feel that for the person in front of you? I just don’t know. What do you think? Whenever a man said to me, “I’m not in love with you,” in my life, I totally got it. I understand that perfectly. He’s not emanating love, so why would he? Why would i? it’s the other i don’t get.
What do you think?”

Recipe/Meal of the Day – Little Fry Breads and Refried Black Beans


Little Fry Breads:

1/2 c. each: fava bean flour, rice flour

1 tsp. coconut oil

dash salt

enough water to make a stiff dough

Directions: Stir the dry ingredients together. Add the oil and mix well. Then add 1 Tab. water at a time, stirrig until you achieve a soft, stiff dough you can roll out. Let sit 5 minutes, then roll out or pat down into desired shapes. Bake in your broiler for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. You can also dehydrate these for 4 hours at 105 degrees.

Refried Black Beans – see Rafa’s Refried Bean recipe, this blog.

Word of the Day – harina – flour

Tip of the Day – When you’re eating gluten-free, have a mix of different flours around that you can mix into something fast. Ecuador is wonderful for all their gluten-free flours. It’s fun!

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