Dipped Cacao Beans

Do you do this? When you can’t afford a smoothie, but would sure like some chocolate, and the energy from that source? You dip one bean in a sweetener, pop it in your mouth and chew like crazy. It tastes so good, and sure does the job as far as giving you energy! I see people putting handfuls of cacao beans in their mouths, and don’t know how they do it. I feel tremendously alive after one bean. I brought these traveling, and while, I actually didn’t eat one (I wanted to sleep on the plane) I shared them with my sisters, and they loved them! You can peel and grind them for powder, as well. Ecuador chocolate is amazing!

Recipe of the Day – Dipped Cacao Beans


1 cacao bean

1 drop liquid sweetener, such as stevia, honey, coconut syrup or

powdered coconut crystals, powdered stevia


Take your bean and roll in the sweetener. Be ready to meditate for one whole minute while you close your eyes and eat this thoroughly.

Word of the Day – cacao – cocoa

Tip of the Day – After eating my cacao bean, my green smoothies, anything with berries, I often rinse my mouth out. Not only to have pretty teeth for teaching and talking, but to get the tiny things out of my teeth. Plus you don’t have the bacteria resting there, always helpful.

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