Zapote (Sapote) Pudding

W brought me zapotes, whoa! And more the next day. His family eats them quite tough, but I like them soft and creamy, like pudding. My guests were waiting and waiting for them to ripen, and luckily, three of them ripened the last day, so they could have zapote pudding for breakfast!

Recipe of the Day Sapote Pudding

2-3 zapotes, cut in half, scooped out and seeded
1 tsp. fresh ginger, grated
1 dash cinnamon
1 pinch vanilla powder

1 drop stevia, if needed


Cut the zapotes in half. Scoop out the flesh, separating out the seeds. Mash with the ginger, cinnamon and vanilla, plus Stevia or other sweetener if yours aren’t so sweet. Chill if you like!

Word of the Day – zapodilla – zapote

Tip of the Day – To check if your sapodilla is ripe, see if gives slightly to the touch, and if it has a flat bottom. Better to eat a little more firm, as once they’re soft, they ferment quickly.

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