Raw Lemon Cookies

Travel food in Ecuador. Here’s what I’m gathering to take with me on a trip this week: Dried black berries and oats, which I can pour hot tea over for cereal. A container of cooked rice with camotes, beets and carrots, a bag of sprouted sunflower seeds, mixed with dried moras, raw crackers and an avocado; container of salad and a banana,tea bags and a bottle of good water. Raw cacao beans to dip in my powdered stevia, and to give for gifts; valerian to sleep on the plane. Maybe a couple buscapina leaves to help others. My green juice and a chocolate smoothie for the way out the door. Raw granola and these lemon cookies! I’m going to keep this list for next time I travel!

Recipe of the Day – Lemon Cookies

-1 c. unsoaked cashews
-3/4 – 1 c. coconut flakes
-juice of 1 lemon
-1 1/2 T. coconut nectar, honey, maple syrup or agave
-1/8 c. lemon zest

Process the cashews in the food processor until mixture resembles a coarse flour. Then, add the other ingredients until mixture forms a ball. Dehydrate until you have a nice and moist cookie, about 8-10 hours at 105 degrees. Process longer for a crispier cookie.

Word of the Day – limõn – lemon

Tip of the Day – Drink a little lemon in a glass of tepid water in the morning, before anything else. It’s an ancient yoga tradition to cleanse the organs!

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