Fig Poppy Bars

My friend, Marcine makes these wonderful greenskeepers! They’re for going out to the garden, stuffing your greens for the day,and then keeping them in the fridge. They keep them so fresh, you won’t believe it, for up to a week with no wilting! And you can keep the bag wet, so cool. Then, throw it in the washer when it gets grundgy, or keep washing it out daily. I use mine every day.
She also makes these incredibly soft washcloths, and cool dish scrubbers! I’m kinda jealous!

Poppy Seed Bars

(Makes 8 bars)rawpoppyseedbarsstackélőmákospite
1/2 c/ coconut syrup/honey
little water
You will use some of this for the pastry and some of it for the filling.

For the “pastry” layers:
1 c.rolled oats/yucca/almond flour etc.
4 T. almond flour (if you can’t get almond flour just grind some almonds or use more flakes/rolled oats, etc.)

For the filling:
2 c. ground poppy seeds
pinch of ground vanilla (or vanilla extract)
4 T. soaked figs

1. If you’re using honey melt it if necessary because you want is as pourable as possible. Add a couple of tablespoons of the fig soak water (or nut mylk if you prefer) to it and mix well.
2. Grind the flour or seeds and mix all the pastry ingredients with just enough of the sweetner water to get a crumbly texture, which sticks together and can be pressed into a dish.
3. Mix the filling ingredients with the rest of the sweetened water.
4. Line a small dish (mine was about a 3 in x 6 in, which is ~ 7-8 cm x 15 cm) with plastic wrap and, with a spoon, press half of the pastry batter into it followed by the poppy seed mix and finished with the rest of the pastry mix. Press all of them down as hard as you can. Place it in the fridge to settle and harden. It’ll be easier to slice and it will hold together better. I cut my batch into 8 bars. Use a really sharp knife and be as gentle as possible…after all, they’re not held together by eggs.

Word of the Day – amiga – girlfriend

Tip of the Day – The figs here grow well, easily and are so gorgeous to eat. Grow your own!

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  1. Thanks for putting my VilcaHome handmade goods on your blog! You mentioned that someone asked about what the scrubbies are made with. The bottom one in the photo is made with some sort of natural fiber twine, it is stiff and scratchy and the other one is acrylic yarn. Washcloths are 100% cotton, which is “algodon” in spanish.

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