Dried Berries

Come in to your field of moras del campo (field berries) while it’s been lightly raining all day, and it smells like a field of wine! Lovely! I picked as many as could without sliding down the wet hill, then  picked the boysenberries, as well, to be dried for my travels. I do this every other day to get a ton of berries. Yum! They taste like the best raisins you ever had. In fact, not too sweet, as raisins can be, but just perfect, like candy. I gave some to Wilson, who was digging in the front yard, and his eyes lit up with pleasure.

Recipe of the Day – Dried Berries:

4 c. fresh berries, washed and picked clean of their stems


Wash the berries lightly and pick off the stems. Lay them on the dehydrator sheets and dehydrate until dry. You’ll have to check them after 12 hours, and every so often. Some will be dry before the others, and you don’t want to become to become too dry. You don’t want them wet, either, so it’s really quite an art to take them out at the right time. Keep tasting them to see if they’re a little bit chewy, like raisins. That’s the perfect time to take them out. 105 degrees for 12-24 hours.

Word of the Day –  lluvia – rain

Tip of the Day – Use these in your raw or baked granola, oh my gosh.

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