Creamy Coconut Pudding

My wonderful gardener, W,  came by to ask if I had water on my property. “Yes, but it’s pretty low pressure,”  I said. I’ll go check the canal,” he said. Which he did, and looked so happy because he’d gotten basura (trash) out that was clogging the tube. But the next day, even less water! So he checked again, and this time the workers found that a horse hoof from the neighbor’s had slashed the water tube. But still, after repairing, no water. Then, today, there was almost no water from those hoses! W came by with a sheepish look and said, “There will be water mañana en la mañana, Dorothy. We found one more horse hoof had slashed one more place, and we fixed it.”

Recipe of the Day – Coconut Pudding

meat of one coconut
1/3 c. coconut juice, or more to liquify
1 T. Stevia powder
1/8 c. coconut syrup  (or sweetener of choice)
2 drops Liquid vanilla Stevia
dash salt
dash vanilla powder
Open a Thai young coconut or Ecuadorian young coconut and pour off the milk. Scoop out all the coconut meat. Blend until creamy. Add more coconut water, if desired. chill.
Variations: add strawberries, coconut, cacao nibs, cinnamon

Word/Phrase of the Day – mañana en la mañana – tomorrow morning

Tip of the Day – You really do have to go with the flow, or lack of flow in Ecuador. Even with water. Always have gallons of water on hand which you cycle through periodically, to keep them fresh.

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