Carrot Orange Aloe Juice

Dang rare. I had just come home on a hot morning, after hiking to the summit with Tiko, el parte superior. My mouth dropped when I saw them there, working without pay. Gaby and kids working while Dad cuts the grass. What a culture, who think nothing of coming over and weeding around the trees, working for hours, as a gift. Know anyone who would do that in the U.S.? I don’t know if I do. What can I make them in return? Hand-squeezed orange juice – which turns out to be from their own oranges  and popcorn! Which they gladly took turns feeding to Tiko.

And then they gathered mora and mora del campos, and peppers from the garden,and all four of them took off on Wilson’s motorbike. I am blessed, blessed, blessed with such friends.


Recipe of the Day – Carrot Orange Aloe Juice


6-10 large carrots, washed and trimmed to fit your juice

8 oranges, peeled

1 Tab. aloe

optional – 1/2 “ginger root


  1. Press carrots and oranges through a juicer and into a large glass. Stir in the aloe, and pour over ice on a hot day. It’s wonderful!

  2. Word of the Day – el parte superior – the top part

Tip of the Day – Just because the oranges are all over the ground, doesn’t mean they’re not fantastic! They are!

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