Achotillo or Rambutan Jam

We bought these from a tiny, cute little girl in Vilca, who happily instructed me on how to eat them. You peel them back to reveal what looks like an eyeball, gelatinous and grey. But inside is the most gorgeous, grape-like tasty fruit. But better than grapes, fruity, like punch!

Recipe of the Day – Achotillo Marmelade


1 lb. Achotillos

1 T. Chia seeds

1 drop stevia


Peel and mash the achotillos, discarding skins and seeds. Mash with chia and stevia. Chill and eat within 2 days.
Word of the Day – niñagirl
Tip of the Day -There will always be the poor, asking for help. Give if you can, buy their wares, share your food, make a friend, enjoy the culture.

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