Milk-Free Chocolate Frosting

Someone just asked me my perspective on their breaking up with their partner. Here’s what I said:

“Right now I keep being blasted with, that, anything not in this moment has no value. The only problem is, it makes me look like an uncommitted ass in a relationship. Maybe. I don’t know. But it’s the only thing that really, really is true. And I love that so much. Right now I’m going back to not wanting anything. Because wanting is looking at the future. And if I’m doing that, I’m not being in the flow of things. And when I am in that flow, everything wonderful happens! I’m literally showered with everything I asked for in a wishful moment. Everything. From a ripe, fat, untouched banana on the road, to money flowing from unexpected sources. If I had pictured, projected where those things would come from, it would’ve gotten in the way of the flow of things.

So for me, in this moment, being in your position, if I was me, and I am, and if I were you, and I am, ha ha,  I would ask myself what it is I’m wanting. And look at that. Send it out to the universe and let them handle it. And then let it go. There is so much time, endless time. No hurry, no fear. That would be my ultimate way to be in this moment.”

Recipe of the Day – Dairy-Free Frosting

1/2 c. coconut oil

1/4-1/2  c. coconut or almond milk or tea with your flavor

1/2 c. cacao powder

couple grains salt

a pinch vanilla powder (or 1 tsp. vanilla extract)

2 drops liquid Chocolate Stevia

Directions: Mash the oil and powder together with the back of a spoon.  Add the salt, vanilla and stevia and stir. Add the milk or tea a spoonful at a time until you read the desired consistency.

Word of the Day – momento – moment

Tip of the Day – Then, there are times every day, when I just cater to my wants. I want something chocolate, I just make it! Yes, I am spoiled, blessed, whatever you call it. I am entirely loved.

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