White Rose remedy for Insect Eye-Stings

I came home to the guest telling me Cuko’s legs weren’t working, what! He was out in the grass and couldn’t move his legs! The guest said Cuko came in to the casita, followed her in to the shower. Then, when she came out, Cuko was on the bed. So he had to jump up there, right? And then she said Cuko walked outside, and just in the next hour, the hour previous to my return, Cuko couldn’t move his legs. I had to keep Tiko from jumping on him aa I hurried inside to get a towel. He seemed comforted in my arms as I carried him to the bathroom to be safe from Tiko while I called a taxi. In the taxi he buried his head in the crook of my arm, then looked up at me with the utmost trust, the rest of the way. At the Vet’s table his front legs ceased to work, and he was moaning so pitifully, the doctor and I agreed to put him to sleep. The only other option would be to take him to the Vet at the University in Loja, and I didn’t want him to go through the misery of that travel and pain, so…anyway. When the doctor was out of the room, I crooned to him what a great life he had, to picture himself in the fields chasing butterflies, mice and insects, brushed the energy up and out his head in the reiki way of easing the transition…and that was that. Mi pobrecito. No more stories about Cuko, unless I dream of him. I love you, Cuko.

Recipe of the Day – White Rose Infusion for Bugs Stings in the Eye


1 small pot water

1 handful white rose petals

Directions: Heat the water to almost boiling and pour over the white rose petals. When cool, wash your eyes with it, get a washcloth, soak it in the solution, and let it sit on your eyes. It feels wonderful and works immediately!

Word of the Day – rosas – roses


Tip of the Day – When a bug going, like, 60 mph flew in my eye, and I was at the Meditation Center, I even soaked the petals in a cool glass of water, and applied the leaf right to the eye. It felt so much better!

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