Marcine’s Yucca Bread

Did I talk with anyone today, with my voice? I don’t think so. I think I said, “Oh, crumbcake,” a couple of times, or “Excuse me, Tiko,” but that’s it! This is what happens when you don’t go in to town or skype with your kids! It’s okay, though. In fact, it’s good.
But the sad thing is, I just got messages that two of my neighbors’ just told me their cats were poisoned are are now gone, too! Wow. With Cuko, that makes three on our little hill. Wow. That’s sad and mean.
Recipe of the Day – Yucca flatbread
3/4 c yucca starch
1/4 c quinoa flour
1 egg
6 black olives
1/8 c. coconut or olive oil
scant amount of water
1 t baking powder
salt and spices as desired: I use rosemary.
Optional – cheese
Directions: Blend together the flours.  Add: the egg, coconut or olive oil, scant amount of water, more as needed.  Spread as thin as possible on a sheetpan and bake between 350-390 degrees for between 20 -30 minutes. It is really only good to eat the first day, gets stale pretty quick after that so. I make half of the recipe for a nice thin almost crackerbread in my toaster oven.
Word of the Day – hablar – to talk
┬áTip of the Day – Spend some days in silence. It’s okay.
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