DIY Lavender Spray

Bicycling up the road to my house, in the highest gear, ever so slowly, I came upon a dog sleeping in the road. “Oops, hi Buddy,” I exclaimed, veering around him. He came to life and came after me. I couldn’t even think twice when I felt his teeth close around my ankle. My foot was pushing the pedal up and around in the circle, and he let go as the rotation continued upward, thank goodness!. Just a warning I think. But my friends advised me to carry a stick. Now, Tiko’s only nemesis is a man who carries a stick. Perhaps he warned Tiko with it one day. I don’t know, but Tiko has been severely angry at him for this whole year-and-a=half. So I think I will carry a spray bottle instead, and put some lavender water in it. Maybe the dogs will relax and take a nap, ha ha! I can always use it to keep myself cool!

Recipe of the Day – Lavender Spray


4 oz. witch hazel or cheap vodka

8 oz water

15 drops lavender essential oil.


Pour the vodka or witch hazel in a dark-colored spray bottle. Add the water and essential oil with a funnel. Shake well.

Word of the Day – lavanda – lavender

Tip of the Day – Use this on your own skin, as a moisturizer, or on your pillow and sheets to help you sleep and dream well!

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