Clare’s Binge-eating Balsamic Salad

“Peor es nada! I finally learned this phrase. All year I’ve been saying, “Es mejor de nada!” (It’s better than nothing.) Which isn’t really a phrase, but would make the locals laugh. They say, “Peor es nada,” (Nothing is worse.)

Recipe of the Day – C’s Mozzarella Salad


2 c. baby greens or spinach

1 string cheese, peeled into strings

1 T. sunflower seeds

sprinkle of fresh basil, the leaves are better

Balsamic Dressing to your content!

Directions :

Take a small plate. Pour down your dressing. String the cheese and put inside the dressing. Add the basil. Sprinkle the seeds on top. Wrap everything in lettuce leaves or pepperoni!

Word of the Day – cuerda – string

Tip of the Day – Clare says, “Take greens out. Add 10 slices pepperoni.” Ha ha. Because she’s on a high-protein diet, and she’s lost 28 pounds already! She hasn’t been on sugar in nine weeks!

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