Carrot Top Ginger Smoothie

Okay, so it’s amazing how stressful it can be when your computer is failing! It was clicking, clicking, while the ball of death was turning, and everything was stopping. I had to turn it off and four times. Then the next day it wouldn’t stay open for 15 minutes! I worked furiously to get my work done, and then plop, down again. Luckily there is this wonderful man, Bruce Mc; here in Vilca. I called him and he said how many and what are the programs I had open. Four, I said, Netflix, Skype, Facebook and my mail program. And we found out what version computer I have, and he said I’m six versions behind the newest Skype update. Yikes. So no parts will fit or work in my old computer. Yikes. Then, my IPAD started failing, turning off whenever it wants to! Is this a weird-tech week for anyone else? Maybe with the full moon, then the equinox, then the eclipse? All three?

Recipe of the Day –
Carrot Top Ginger Smoothie

1 c. cold tea

1 frozen banana

1 c. frozen papaya

1 qt. carrot tops (or less to suit you)

1/4 ” ginger root

1 buscapina leaf


Blend all, with more or less tea to suit you. Yum! I’m drinking this tonight to soothe my less-than-wonderful stomach, and it feels So good! Did the same last night and slept wonderfully!

Word of the Day – hojas de la zanahoria – carrot tops

Tip of the Day – Grow buscapina, a tiny plant with tiny white flowers, in your garden, for use as an incredible sweetener, but more for a tummy soother. And boy, does it work! Especially for stomach cramps, but also for nauseaa. I’ve given it to several guests, all with immediate results.

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