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I reached into Tiko’s dog bowl the other day, and pulled it out suddenly when the sting of a hornet, attached to my hand, hit me wildly. I yanked it out and watched the knuckle swell with the poison. I won’t say, “Yikes!” but I cannot believe how much pain there was, for a couple hours, from one tiny, little guy! The workers said to put alcohol on it, which probably cleansed it. So that’s good. I also iced it quite a bit and spread some aloe gel on it. Nothing relieved the pain and incredible itching, as I watched the hand swell up, and then the wrist. I thought about Benadryl, but really hate that sleepy feeling and the other side effects, so opted to keep it elevated as I lay down to sleep. The next morning it was SO huge, wow, the whole hand, but no red line was leading to the heart, so I went to town to teach Chi Kung, as usual. Bernie offered me the leaves of a medicinal tree on it, which was next to his mango tree, which I was to pulverize and put on as a plaster.I stopped in the pharmacy for some Sikura for the itching, and the pharmacist recommended the powdered leaf of the tobacco plant. And then a chi student gave me hydrocortisone cream, which felt good for a minute. And then someone suggested Turmeric Paste, and a lightbulb went on in my head. I have some in my fridge, and nothing else was successful. So I put the cold turmeric/coconut oil mixture on the bug bite and all the surrounding areas. Presto! Immediate and long-lasting relief. Wow! What a success. I applied it intermittently throughout the day, and by the next morning, it was almost completely gone. Sold. Here’s the recipe for the my Golden Turmeric Paste:

Recipe of the Day – Turmeric Paste


1/2 c. turmeric powder

1 c. water

1 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper  – helps your body absorb the turmeric.

1/3 c. olive or coconut oil – increases absorption of the turmeric, as well!

Stir the turmeric with water in a pan, on low heat, until it turns to a smoothe paste, 7-10 minutes. Add a little more water, if necessary. Turn off heat, and add the pepper and oil. Stir well, then allow to cool.

Word of the Day – curcuma – turmeric

Tip of the Day – Ask for help from the pharmacists, the workers, the people. They all have remedies and it will connect you with the people. Take this paste with you when you travel, it’s amazing! And there are a lot of insects here.

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4 thoughts on “Golden Turmeric Paste

    1. It lasts a good 2-3 weeks in the fridge and you can cook with it, add honey to it, use it in salads with a dressing, in your soups, smoothies,
      rice, etc….!

  1. Hornet stings are very painful, I have experienced their pain a few times. This is a quick fix for a hornet, wasp or bee sting. Immediately, prepare baking soda w/water for a paste and apply to the sting area for the at least 1 hour. The poison will be pulled out and the pain and swelling cease immediately. Whenever I am stung I go running to make this paste, it is the best remedy.

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