Coconut LIme Deodorant

When someone used to cancel a reservation, I would have a thought, like, ” Oh, too bad. Rats,” or something.But now, I know I’m being taken care of. Like, that person wasn’t exactly meant to be here at this time, for whatever reason. So, for instance, this very high-maintenance woman cancelled her reservation with me. That day, an email came Mat, a person in Vilca, from Poland, wanting my  casita. So, he came for two months, then brought Martina, a friend from Poland, then his best friend, who camped here with his girlfriend. And now with his friend of seven years, Jay, who’s been traveling and specifically came here to be with Mat. Jay said this morning, “Are you trying to do this all by yourself?” And now he’ll be working for me, as well! All because the first person cancelled. Wow.


Recipe of the Day – Lime Deodorant


3 T. coconut oil

2 T. baking soda

6 drops Lime Essential Oil


Mix well to a paste. Store in a glass jar. Start by using just a little!



Word of the Day – desodorante – deodorant



Tip of the Day – Here at the Equator, you lose a lot of water fast, with the sun overhead. Keep your head covered and drink lots of water. You’ll sweat out the toxins in your body, and maybe soon, won’t even need deodorant!

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