Chocolate-Covered Papaya

I have young handsome Polish youth as a guest, in his 20s, with huge arms, painting the bathroom in exchange for a night in a cacoon/hanging tent! He cut wood yesterday for four hours! It’s wonderful. He did a day of weeding before that, dug a hole for a tree, propped up the maracuya vines and will fix the stone/dirt stairs next! Oh, my gosh, what a god-send.

Recipe of the Day – Chocolate-Covered Dried Papaya



1 papaya, seeded and sliced, dried in the dehydrator

juice of 1 lemon or lime

1/2 . cacao powder

1 T. coconut oil or cacao butter

3-4 drops liquid Stevia or 1 T. honey (you don’t need much as the papaya is so sweet!)

couple grains good salt


Cut your papaya in half. Scoop out the seeds. Slice the papaya into bite-sized pieces and lay on your dehyrdrator sheet. Sprinkle with lemon or lime, and dry for 24 hours or until desired crispness. I actually like to eat them warm after just a few hours.

Melt the cacao butter or oil, then stir in the oil, cacao, salt and sweetening. Stir well with a whisk for several minutes. Then dip each piece into the chocolate, and freeze or chill.

Word of the Day – cuchara – spoon

Tip of the Day – Eat a Tab. of the papaya seeds. They’re bitter and taste like pepper, but will carry the worms and parasites out of your body, and are a cancer-preventative, wow! So worth eating. Some people combine the spoonful with honey to help it go down.

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