Petr’s Roasted Plantains

The night of  the full moon was lovely. The courtyard lit up like a stage, reminding me that it was time to plant the goji berry seeds, the pepper seeds, the banana trees: filipino, tocho, seda and some more lettuce. Lovely. Petr, the Banana Man, as his family calls him, made these wonderful yellow plantains over the fire. Yesterday green ones, today the yellow, with cinnamon!

Recipe of the Day – Roasted Plantains



Directions: Place your plantains over a fire, 30 minutes or more for the greens, 20 for the yellows, over a roasting fire, in the skin. So easy and so sweet. They don’t need anything else.
Word of the Day – huesped – guest

Tip of the Day –When something is this simple and this incredible, no need to dress it up. It’s amazing.

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