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A friend told me I better get a railing up there on the new terrace, especially for children. I was thinking, “When would I ever have children up here? All my children are grown up.” Guess I’m not entirely used to running an airbnb, because the next thing you know, I have a family of three from the States, with a a one and half year old in tow. I was weeding the garden, saw Cuko the Cat run up the stairs, and the next thing you know, Jose is calling to me to get the baby, who was following the cat! She’d made it up four cement steps and was laughing hugely as mom and I raced to grab her from the 9th step. Whew! Okay, yeah. Time to make the banister and railing!


Recipe of the Day – Cashew ChocolatesChocolate Tahini Bites


1 mashed banana

3 T. cacao

2 T. Tahini

1 T. coconut oil

2-4 drops liquid stevia (or 1/4 c. other liquid sweetener)

2 T. Chia seeds

3 T. Hemp or Chia Seeds


Mix the dry ingredients, then add the oil, sweetener and tahini. Roll into balls and chill.


Word of the Day – bebe – baby


Tip of the Day – Make this recipe when you’re looking for some quick sweetness in your life!


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