Sugar-free Chocolate Bar

OMG I had so much fun yesterday going to a movie – Star Wars, in Loja. A movie! In a theater with popcorn and in English! $1.65 to ride the bus. Another $1.25 to take a taxi to the theater. (We could’ve walked but didn’t realize it was that close.) $6.50 for the movie for me and $3.50 for my senior citizen friends. I cannot wait until I get that discount! And it was so fun going with all the expats, who probably hadn’t gone to a movie in as long as I had. Or more! And guess what, in the pharmacy below they have stevia chocolate bars, what!!!  A gift for me, wow, I didn’t know they had those anywhere in Ecuador. Expensive, but worth it for a one-day expense, wow!

Recipe of the Day – Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free Chocolate Bar

2/3 c. cacao butter, shaved and melted in the dehydrator, or coconut oil
1/2 c. cacao power
2 T. raw coconut syrup, agave or raw honey
1 heaping T. mesquite powder (or lucuma powder) – both are optional
1 c. goji berries, raisins, nuts or seeds

Melt the cacao butter or coconut oil in your dehydrator, or a double boiler, or over a bowl of hot water.
Mix in the other ingredients by hand. You may add a little water, if necessary.
Other options:
add vanilla, orange, (yum!) extract or juice, peppermint, cacao nibs

Word of the Day – cine- movie theater

Tip of the Day – Sometimes it’s actually more fun to take the bus. You can sit up high and see much more of the tops of houses, the river, the aspects of different neighborhoods. It took about 15 minutes longer yesterday, with the picking up of others along the road, but that’s not bad! Plus, the seats recline and you’re not squished in. There’s some sense of solidarity, too, with the people in the bus, rather than the 4 in the taxi. And you save 60 cents!

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  1. Great post, we pay so much more for travel and the movies. Chocolate sounds delish. Not sure where to get all ingredients.

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