Spicy Chocolate-Covered Pecans

Okay, I moved fifty stones! Even though I told Christian, the taxi driver, I would do one a day, and in 100 days we could play volleyball. On the same day he asked, my friend Mark asked me to teach him the rules. So now everyone wants to play volleyball, finally! I love it so much, but really want to play for only 20 minutes, then watch everyone have fun. So soon, they will come! I have a lot more than 100, though. I did 50 today and barely made a dent in the pile. Probably good for me, or something.   

Now I hear that the Ecuadorian rules are different. They get to kind of, hold the ball before hitting. So this should be interesting! And a lot easier on the arms. I better go watch a tournament! Plenty are in town, all the time. Pretty fun town.

Recipe of the Day –Spicy Chocolate -Covered Pecans

Pecan halves are completely covered in chocolate.

1 c. pecans, set aside
1/4 c.coconut oil, melted
1 /4 c. raw cacao powder/carobSpicy Chocolate-Covered Pecans
1/4 c. coconut nectar, honey or sweetener of choice
dash of vanilla powder
dash of salt
Directions: Melt all ingredients except pecans, gently over a double boiler, and whisk until creamy. Then add the pecans. Use a slotted spoon to remove the nuts from the chocolate, and lay on parchment paper-lined cookie sheets. Salt again. Chill/freeze 10 minutes or more.

Word of the Day – pacanas – pecans

Tip of the Day –Make at least double, they’re SO addictive.

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