Onion Ring/ Veggie Sauce

I was watering the upper part of the land, near the yoga platform, coming down with the hose, and crying a bit, but I didn’t think the workers would see that. I was crying for the loss of a friend. But anyway, the Maestro yelled, in Spanish, “Want to climb up and see the terrazza?” They’d just finished tiling. I couldn’t answer, cause I didn’t want to explain my tears, but I nodded, climbed up the long support ladder to the top of the roof – whoaaa! Wow! Talk about beauty to help me get out of myself! It made me smile. “Oh, my gosh, you guys are lucky to see this every day!” They smiled. I yelled to Tiko and spent some time looking in each direction. How completely beautiful. I don’t drink wine, but I picture a round table with a beautiful wine bottle and glasses on it. Oh, yes it will be soon. Then they laughed when I said I was scared to come back down. Hands reached out to help me and there were smiles around.

Recipe of the Day – Onion Ring/ Veggie Sauce/Coating
1 red (or yellow) bell
4 T. brazil nuts (or pecans)
the juice of 3 limes
2 T. nutritional yeast (not raw)
2 tsp. chickpea miso (or coconut aminos)
pinch chili pepper flakes
2 tsp. turmeric

options: 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
juice of 1/2 orange
1 T. olive oil
1/8 tsp. salt

Combine all in a food processor until it makes a nice sauce. Coat or dip veggies of choice. If you like crunchy veges, dehydrate onion rings for 18 hours at 105 degrees, and kale/greens for 12 hours.

Word of the Day – manos – hands

Tip of the Day – Take a hand here. They’re so ready to help. It feels like, always.

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