Mora Banana Ice Cream – 5 Cents

Watching these new airbnb guests arrive, with their two suitcases in hand, and nothing else, I am reminded of landing here a little over a year ago, myself. And I see how they lean on each other, how they decide to go alone, or together, exploring, getting their first groceries, things for the house. They are so grateful to have my little casita and garden, so daily grateful, and their offer to help water and such is so sweet. I couldn’t have asked for better guests. They each are struggling in turn, with their stomachs getting used to the new bacteria; how to deal and dicker, ways to say things in Spanish so as not to offend. It sure does remind me of my own newness!

Bananas are either free here (people share them with me so much), or a nickle, or a dime in the organic stores!

Recipe of the Day – Mora Banana Ice Cream


2 frozen bananas

1 small handful mora or other berries


Put through your Omega juicer with the flat screen, or blend quickly to make a smooth soft-serve.

Word of the Day – amistad – friendship

Tip of the Day – My friend I was serving to said, to save me trouble, “Let’s just mash the bananas with a fork.” Which we did. But then I ran the rest through the juicer, and it was so different, so amazingly creamy, the texture. That we decided it was worth the trouble! Serve with chocolate or berry sauce, found on this blog!

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