Lemon Pudding

Staring at the side of the house, I realized the need for something big and colorful. So I went down to where the government gives free trees away to land owners, and got four guavo, four cafe, (coffee) and three grenadilla trees, woohoo! W, my gardener has planted them already!

Recipe of the Day – Lcmon Pudding

2 c. raw almonds, sprouted
2 c. water.
juice of 1 lemon
2 T. psyllium powder
2/3 c. dates
optional- liquid lemon Stevia to taste

Directions: Sprout 2 c. almonds by soaking them for one day, draining, then letting them sit until they sprout little white tails. Blend until smooth with the water, then add the lemon, psyllium and dates. Add a dash of stevia, if desired. Chill. The pudding will set as it chills.

Word of the Day – cafe – coffee

Tip of the Day – If you make the mistake I did, and ask for a cafe, people will send you somewhere to get a coffee, which usually turns out to be a restaurant, so that’s okay!

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