Hats (aka -Tops to Toad in a Hole)

Seed Joy. I love it. Every 6 months, or so, when I get to go buy seeds at the Ferreteria, it feels like Christmas! The funny thing is how they weigh it. I put them in tiny bags. They put the seeds in a hand-held balance scale weighed down on one side with an ounce of metal. “What did I plant,” you ask? In the words of my friend, R, I planted, “Little black ones, tiny green ones, some round red ones, and bigger round red ones!”  Celery, lettuce, spinach and cauliflower, with the full moon.

Recipe of the Day – Hats! Tops to Toad in a Hole

3 eggs

3 pieces bread : your choice, but the round ciabatta is fun

3 Tab. butter or coconut oil

Sprinkles of: garlic salt, basil pepper


Heat the skillet. Cut the center hole out of each piece of bread and save the hole as the “hat.” Butter the bread, both sides. Crack the egg into it. Sprinkle your herbs and spices. Put the little crouton in the pan to get crispy. Flip the egg bread. Put the little hat back on top – use it to mop up your egg! Cook 3 min. for each side, if you want it over-medium. For over-easy – 2 minutes each side. For hard eggs – 3 1/2 minutes each side.

options; parmesan or vegan parmesan

Word of the Day – huevos – eggs

Tip of the Day – Heat your skillet up for several minutes. Throw a couple drops of water in it to see if they bubble. Then, it’s ready. A cast-iron skillet is the best.

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