Chocolate Strawberry Jam

Okay, whew that was tense.

I asked a guy, Marco,who always tries to get more money out of me, to put screens on the windows of the spare room.

They guys, my workers and Marco, argued back and forth, back and forth. He wanted $50, they kept saying that was too much. It’s $30, they said.  $9 for the screen and $20 for the day, which wasn’t even going to take all day!

So finally  I jumped in and said, “I can pay someone else $30, or you can take it. Here’s $40. I need $10 change and a nap,” which they all thought was tremendously funny for some reason, as I handed him the money,  and he promised to come back at 6 to put them in..

Whew, I’m getting bossy. Plus, I need a nap badly and couldn’t take it anymore.

Recipe of the Day – Chocolate Strawberry Jam


2 c. strawberries

1 Tab. coconut oil

1 Tab. cacao/carob powder

1 tsp. stevia leaves

1 tsp. chia seeds soaked in 3 tsp. water

Directions: Soak chia seeds in water for about 10 minutes or more. Blend all ingredients together. Yeah, it’s good.

Word of the Day – bicho – bug

Tip of the Day – They respect you more if you argue and dicker, but boy it’s tiring sometimes.

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