Cake-In-A-Cup with Banana Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Anyway, that one tree that got smashed from the bulls, the banana tree. A friend told me to use the machete and cut it just below the smashed part, and a new leaf would grow the next day. I said, “Do I use the whole weight of the arm to cut this huge stalk?”                          “No, just a quick cut with the forearm muscles.” “Hey, I did it!”which brought a big smile to my friend’s face. And then the new leaf did, indeed, sprout the next day, wow! A curled up form of a huge banana leaf about to spring forth. Yeah!


Recipe of the Day – Cake-In-A-Cupcake in a cup

4 T. coconut flour (or other flour: almond, chia, flax)
2 T. coconut crystals ( or other raw dry sweetener)
2 T. cacao/carob powder
3 T. almond or other nut/seed milk
1 T. cacao nibs
1/4 c. applesauce or 1 T. psyllium seed powder
touch of vanilla powder
dash cinnamon

In a large mug, combine all ingredients and stir well. Eat now or serve warm from the dehydrator. Drizzle with
warm carob/chocolate sauce, if desired, coconut/banana ice cream or cashew whipped cream.
chocolate/carob sauce -1 heaping T cacao/carob powder, 1 heaping T agave or coconut syrup, 2 tiny drops olive oil


Word of the Day – vacas – cows


Tip of the Day –Substitute carob for the cacao powder for an even healthier cake. You can get really intense carob in South America!