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Here’s what I wrote to my kids at the holidays: “Hi R and K, Will you guys skype me on Christmas eve or Christmas, so I can see you? I love you! Play me a Christmas carol on the guitar/ukelele maybe? Its only a one-day, one-gift thing here, super low key, which I think is awesome, so no big deal. But I miss you,
and love you!


Recipe of the Day – Aloe Vera Gel


3 large (6″) leaves aloe

Water for desired consistency

1 tsp. powdered vitamin C

Directions: Cut the leaf at 6″. Pare down one side with a paring knife. Scrape the gel into your blender. Add the vitamin C and puree, adding water to desired consistency. We added about 300 ml., about 1 1/2 cups. Put into a glass jar in your fridge. Apply as needed to areas for wrinkles, wounds, conditioner for the hair and smoothness for the skin.

Word of the Day – piel – skin

Tip of the Day –Search your areas for natural medicines. Ecuador is where many original medicines, like aspirin, come from!

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