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I asked my my young airbnb guests some typical polite questions: “Did you sleep well? Did the dog barking wake you up? How was your night on the town?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Oh, I got in at 3:30, “the young woman said. “And me, 9,” said the young man. His eyes were clear, his smile bright, so I didn’t even consider that he meant 9 a.m. “9:00 this morning. First I went to a party until 1, then another until 3:30, at which point I couldn’t find a taxi. And I didn’t want to pay for another hostel. So I thought I would walk to your house. I walked a long, long time (We’re an hour’s walk to town.) And then a bus came by, so I got on it! “At which point his eyes lit up. “Only it didn’t go to Cucanama Bajo. It went to Loja.” Eyes fell. “So I rode the bus to Loja, then rode it back, and got a few hours sleep for $3, then came to your house and slept until now!”(noon.)

Wow. He said the parties in Germany are much longer. In his town, you meet your friends at 8 or 9 p.m. Then go home and have a couple beers. Then go out starting at 1 a.m. and on into the night and the next day. Wow.


Recipe of the Day – Hand Soap

1 c. purified water
3 Tab. liquid Castile Soap
1 tsp. glycerin
5-8 drops Essential Oil (either lemon, lavender, rosemary or geranium)
Use a brown bottle. Shake well before using.

Word of the Day – dormir – to sleep

Tip of the Day – You can use this soap in the washer, for the dishes, and as a shampoo, too!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Hand Soap

  1. HI! I would love to make this soap following your recipe! Please tell me where you buy the liquid castile soap and the glycerin here in Ecuador? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Stacy,
      I live in Vilcabamba, and both are available at the Juice Factory here. Some people probably order it from Vitacost, Amazon or maybe even Iherbs!

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