White Raw Corn Tamales

I had to go to Loja to get a new calefon (Hot water heater) for the cottage, and quickly! (Here’s the picture of the cottage it goes on-) https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1609461?eluid=3euid=10b79f59d871-9160-4c98-3109a34b3876                                                                                                                                           Guests were due the next day and I had been taking cold showers for the week. The tube was good, the battery new. And all this year I’d been taking showers that were 20 seconds hot, 20 cold, which makes you walk in and out of the stream, and is probably good for you – the back and forth of cold and hot. But not for guests.                                                                                                                                                                                So I went to Loja, accompanied by my lovely friend, , who took me all around to the shops who kept shaking their heads. “No, Presidente Correa doesn’t allow them anymore, they’re illegal.” ‘Til we finally decided just to get a tamale and shine it on. And right next door to the tamale shop was a ferreteria, hardware store, with one, brand-new calefon left. Woohoo!!! I leaned on R, too tired to talk, and acquiesced all the dickering with guarantees, and how to get to it to Vilca, etc…. They have to install it or the warranty isn’t good. Which they did! They come out in the morning, and the guests arrived in the afternoon. Whew! I took a long, hot shower to make sure it worked!  And the good news is that I can repair the other one and use it in my new house, yay!

Recipe of the Day – Tamales