Tahini Crackers

Well, I went over to a man’s house, not knowing, in my innocence, that he wanted…well, you know. And I find myself saying, “No, I just want to be in love,” aloud, to him. And later I pondered that. Why did I say that? What is that, anyway, being in love? The philosophers have given their viewpoints, and the songs, of course, but none has every really sat perfectly with me. Then I was meditating while eating, in the manner of Tai Chi Sifu, Mingtong Gu. You eat a bite of food, then notice all the chi, or energy happening in your body, and that energy turns to joy, if you just wait a second. Pure, unmitigated joy! So then I thought, well, that’s what we really want, joy, right? We want to be supremely happy. So perhaps falling in love is wanting to be with the joy of another person? Don’t know. But you can find it in your self! So, so, so , so cool. I was so happy this morning, my spoon became heavy with the stillness of joy. So happy with the internal chi transmuted to joy,  I could barely lift my mango to my mouth.

Recipe of the Day – Tahini Crackers



1 c. sunflower seeds

1/2 c. chia seeds

1 c. corn flour

1 c. potato or other gluten-free flour

1 c. tahini

1 c. water or tea/vegetable broth.

3 chopped green onions

1/2 tsp. each of rosemary, dill and thyme

Chili powder and salt for the tops

Directions: Grind all ingredients, except the chili powder and salt, with enough water or tea to make a spreadable dough. Add a little more liquid, if needed. If you want a sweeter cracker, add a little dried Stevia or coconut sugar. Line your dehydrator sheets with paper, then spread the dough about 1/4″ thick in a nice square or circle. Using the dull side of a knife, score your crackers into desired shapes. Or cut with a wineglass into circles! Dehydrate at 105 degress for 4-12 hours, depending on how crisp you want them.

Word of the Day – dientes – teeth

Tip of the Day – Sit with your food a minute. Chop it into joy with your teeth.

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