Tahini Banana Fudge

My daughter asks,
“How’s it going tonight, Mom?


“Why so quiet around your place?”
“It’s a Sunday. Didn’t go anywhere, super peaceful. Made a bunch of food and ate it. Quiet sounds, Cuko and Tiko romping around or sitting near me. Sweet.”
Recipe of the Day – Tahini Banana Fudge
6  tiny Ecuadorian Bananas
3 prunes
1/4 c. sesame seeds
1/4 c. cacao powder
1/4 c. carob powder
1/4 c. Stevia powder
1/ 4 c. coconut sugar
Blend all by hand and press into your pie plate. Chill or eat now!. Good rolled into truffles or baked as cookies, as well!
 Word of the Day – tranquilo – quiet/calm
 Tip of the Day – Listen to the quiet. I’ve never actually heart it quiet out here. There’s always the crickets, the dog scratching, the big banana leaves rustling…so magical.
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