Sassy Sunflower Seeds

I’m in the dehydrator mode again. And so happy to have it back from the States. It’s got a little crack in the roof, but it doesn’t seem to slow down the heating. woohoo! Now, if I don’t feel like lighting the fire in the horno, I can dehydrate my bananas with orange juice, and sunflower seeds with Braggs, cornmeal pizza with tomato sauce and herbs, yum! And heat up my raw crackers. “Barriga llena, corazon contento”  – “full belly, happy heart!”

Recipe of the Day – Sassy Sunflower Seeds


4 c. sunflower seeds

1 Tab. Bragg’s or low-salt wheat-free tamari

dash of onion powder

dash of garlic powder


Put the seeds in a bag, then pour over the Braggs and spices, shake to coat well. Put on dehydrator trays in a single layer and dehydrate at 105 degres for 1-2 hours, until crispy. They’re So addicting, be ready!

Word/Phrase of the Day – “Barriga llena, corazon contento”  – ” Full belly, happy heart!”

Tip of the Day – You may want to double this recipe, they are so addicting! And great to have here as they are relatively cheap! You can sprout them first, if you like, by soaking for a day, then pouring off the water and letting them dry out on a paper towel all day. Then, dehydrate. You do have to be careful to do it before they ferment, so just a day’s sprouting on a paper towel, to absorb the moisture, will do it.

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