Mora Chocolate Smoothie

At 4 pm the police are gonna call me, set my location, ad then I just press #5 when I have an emergeney, and I don’t need to talk. The alarm it sets off notes my location!

Also got some walkie-talkies today, another birthday present from my ex-husband. But its so great, because my immediate neighbors on this land don’t get cell service, so they communicate by walkie-talkie! They’ve want me to have one this whole year. They’ve used them before in at least one emergency, and all were so grateful to have them!

Recipe of the Day – Mora Chocolate Smoothie


small handful mora berries

1 frozen banana

1 1/2 c. almond milk

1 tsp. stevia powder or 3 drops liquid chocolate stevia

y nada mas – nothing more!


Blend. I am So addicted to this smoothie.

Word of the Day – nada mas – nothing more

Tip of the Day –  The days, Like today, can get awfully sweating hot! Protect your skin and hydrate!

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