Kiwi Juice With Lemon

Okay, after one more group of people said Tiko went on a walk with them, I finally got my gumption and my Irish anger, set out and repaired every bit of fence that was part of Tiko’s escape route. And there are SO many others! But he hasn’t figured it out yet, and he’s stayed home for three days, so I’ll take it. Until I can afford to expand the fence up another three feet again. This time I secured one corner gate to the ground with a board and bent nails. Another area with chicken wire secured to the surrounding living fence posts, and tied with little wires to the fence below. It looks pretty good, actually. And one more with scrounged wire from the workers’ area. I’m learning, over and over, to get the tools out, lay them out with my gloves, and then there’s no more procrastinating. Then, I want to do it! Weird.


Recipe of the Day – Kiwi Juice con limon

OMmygosh, the kiwis are SO good here. So good.


I kiwi, peeled

1/4 of a lemon (You can put the whole thing, with the peel! If you have a good blender!)

1 1/2 c. of white grape juice

2 drops sweetener, if desired. (Although white grape juice is So sweet, you really don’t need it.)

Directions: Blend. Pour over ice or chill, if desired. Yum.

Word of the Day – uva blanca – white grape

Tip of the Day – I brought a good pair of gloves with me to Ecuador, at my daughter’s insistence. And, while gloves are easily had here, I was happy to have them until I could figure out what a “ferreteria” (hardware store) was. I still can’t throw them out. I’m so attached to them.

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