Dried Papaya

“Hey, thanks for visiting me and my fire,” I yelled to everyone as they left the yoga platform where we were all perched, watching the fire in case it took a sudden turn. The fire was wild. My neighbors were so worried. The firemen came and did a good job, but then I had an outbreak on the hill to the right.

The winds were pretty big but have ceased now. I can see the red smoke from over the ridge, but the fires on this side of the hill seem to be gone for now. That’s good we have a good fire dept. huh? Three trucks were here. it’s still billowing red smoke pretty darn close, so that’s not good.

Jose, the maestro, came back shortly after work to sit with me on the yoga platform and watch the fire. We could hear the neighbors on the opposite mountain yelling hi to us and Tiko, and two neighbors at the highest viewpoint, and then Wilson the gardener came on his motorcycle with his wife. Everyone sat around with me, to Tiko and Cuko’s enjoyment. I was so tired I was wishing they would go, but it was so incredibly nice, their support, and I doubt I could take a nap with the crackling so close!

And then…just as the fire was thinking of rounding the bend which would carry it to my house, it started to rain. Jussssst enough to put out most of the fires. This morning one was left smoldering up by the furthest house, my neighbors. They had been worried enough to keep soaking their rooftops! I’m so glad all of our houses  fine today. Whew, that was a little too close for comfort!

Recipe of the Day – Dried Papaya


1 large papaya

1 lime

Handful mint leaves.

Cut the papaya in half and scoop out the seeds. Eat a few to ward off cancer! Cut into strips the papaya and lay on dehydrator sheets covered with wax or other paper. Sprinkle the juice of the lime onto the strips. Throw a few mint leaves on each sheet to give flavor to the papaya.Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 4 hours or until it reaches your desired texture. You can eat it at any stage.

Word of the Day – incendio – fire

Tip of the Day – Keep your hoses and plenty of water available on your land. It sure is worth it to have it nearby!

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