Allergy Elixir

A couple came back to the states after visiting with me. They stayed for 10 days on airbnb, did a Shaman ceremony. And this was what they just said, “Ecuador was transformational for us! The pace, the beauty. There was so much time and space.” And the wife wrote that her husband has never seemed so relaxed before! Wow.


Recipe of the Day – Allergy Elixir

Juice this one, not blend. It’s sooo good! The cayenne and garlic clears your sinuses, the garlic boosts your immune system, the carrots clear your eyes and the celery cools your system with alkalinity. The apple sweetens the taste and pulls plaque off your intestines!
2 carrots
1 stalk celery
1 apple
¼” slice ginger
1 clove garlic
¼ tsp. cayenne
Juice the ingredients, alternating between items to save energy for your juicer. Add ½ c. water or rejuvelac to take away some of the
strength, if desired. Easier on your stomach for those with digestive problems. Drink right away or chill for a great summer beverage.


Word of the Day  – chevere – cool

From my ebook Ecstacy Raw Foods. Donate on the first page of this blog to get a free copy!

Tip of the Day – As much as I could, I’ve been trying to relax and slow the pace since I first started teaching in 1987. But nothing slowed me like moving to Ecuador. For me, it was right. Choose it, to slow down.

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