Zucchini Carrot Bread

“Can you take my meditation hour for me, Dorothy?” my friend, asked. So, I did. I had two gentleman at the Meditation Center, where I teach tai chi. I started off with just one idea – to sit straight, giving the garden hose as a metaphor. When the hose is crinked, it’s difficult for the water to get through. Same as meditation. For some reason our spines are meant to be a source for the spirit. I resisted the idea for years, but it’s absolutely true. When the spine is straight, spirit flows. Afterwards, I stood and thanked them for meditating with them, then turned away so they could leave in the beautiful silence, if they wanted. But they both came over and shared their experiences. Which was the same as mine today! We all had some angst in the first half, then total, wonderful bliss the second! So awesome to share that and have the same, exact thing happen in the same moment! How absolutely …divine!

Recipe of the Day – Zucchini Carrot Bread


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