Veggie Sushi Rolls

Well, I’m so excited to tell you it’s been raining for a couple hours, ayay! I don’t have to water tonight for the first time in 2 months! And watering the land takes a long time. But, also, that not one drop of water has entered the house, even with no windows or doors. Not one drop! I guess El Maestro really knew what he was doing with the eaves on the outside. He said no water would come in, well, maybe a little on the west side, but it hasn’t,not even one drop! I’m so happy! what a relief!

i love you all!

Recipe of the Day – Veggie Sushi Rolls


1 c. (soaked and sprouted, or cooked) wild rice

1 c. cooked or spouted pinto beans

1 cucumber  shaved in strips

1 avocado, sliced

1/4 c. alfalfa sprouts

Other veggies of choice: wakame, liqui-dulse, bell peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms,

10 Sushi rolls/ seaweed wraps


With wet fingers, take the edge of the wrap and roll up the wrap with the veggies inside. Moisten your fingers to help seal the edges as you tuck them under. Set vertically after slicing into bite=sized wedges.

Word of the Day – raw – crudo

Tip of the Day –Serve this with Bragg’s Amino Acids, available even here in Vilcabamba!

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