Sunrise Mango Bowl

I waited until dark today to walk Tiko – 7 p.m. Particularly because I could see the full moon rising over the hill. And every month, just like this, it lights up the entire courtyard like a stage. Even in the middle of the night I am awakened by the light. Tonight we walked and I was surpised to see golden orbs bobbing above my head.A maracuya vine, I hadn’t seen in the light of day, was full of new maracuyas, hanging from a tree just outside my property. That is SO cool! So I went and looked at my own vines, and sure enough, there were several green maracuyas hanging in a row. Yeay! My own passionfruit in less that a year. That is SO cool. And, the mangoes are in season, woohoo! Can life get any better!


Recipe of the Day – Sunrise Mango Bowl


1 c. oats

1/2 c. fruit tea

1 mango, peeled and cut into slice

dash cinnamon

1 Tab. coconut crystals

2 grains salt

sprinkle of coconut, berries or cacao nibs.


Soak the oats overnight in 2 c. water (or cook on the stove, per directions.) In the morning, add the hot tea of choice, and the other ingredients. This is my daily morning sunrise meal! But I can also have it at night when I’m looking for, a little sweetness and comfort!

Word of the Day – piedras – rocks

Tip of the Day – Offer these as “pop rocks” to visitors, especially the kids from the States. They are so surprisingly sweet, with a hint of crunch and tanginess, quite like the candy, “Pop Rocks!”

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