Spicy Guacomole

My friend, El, previous yoga student of mine, asked, “What would I do if I came there, Dorothy? “How do we spend our days?                                                                                                        I answered, “In the morning we water the gardens, the trees, feed the animals and take Tiko for walk, make our morning smoothies and tea. Then yoga and meditation.  The afternoons are for resting, reading, meditation, traveling, shopping. And the evenings for light watering, taking Tiko for an evening walk, sitting around the fire and/or making things in the horno. If you want to go into town for the night life, it’s very romantic and cool in the evenings. People stroll around, eat in the cafe’s, and sometimes there is music and a movie.”                               “I’ll be right there,” she says, laughing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “I’ll make you some guacomole.”

Ha ha! El has a 5-year plan for coming to Ecuador, but she likes me to keep her motivated.

Recipe of the Day – Spicy Guacomole

They have the best avocadoes here. And they’re four for a dollar!


2 avocadoes

juice of 1 lime or lemon

2 cloves garlic, minced

sprinkle of garlic powder

sprinkle of onion powder

a tsp. minced jalapeno


Peel and mash the avocadoes with a fork. Mix with the other ingredients. Add salsa, if desired. Eat  immediately!

Word of the Day – dias – days

Tip of the Day – Picture what you want, and everyday bring it to life again. I got here, didn’t I? And when I first started telling my yoga group I was moving to Vicabamba one day, I had literally no money. Still don’t! But, I’m here!

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