Q&A from an Old friend/RawFoodist/Melchisidech Priest from the U.S.

Q: Are you still in ecuador? How is it going?

A: Yeah! I live here! Look on my blog at romainecalm.com to see my story and pics!
Q: Very nice…great looking food…you have really been liberated…Baruch Hashem…how are the people there?
A: Sooo kind, and Soooo comforting, helpful. Like angels have been dropped down to me from heaven…no exaggeration.
Q: What is the government there? Are you growing your food?
 A: Yes! I can’t wait ’til I’m 100% living off the land. Have to wait for the nut and seed trees to grow. The govt. is probably the best it’s ever been. People are questioning and protesting the moves of the President sometimes, and its awesome, but not too outrageously dangerous most of the time.

Q: Democracy or?

A: Good question. The president stays indefinitely but traditionally has been”ousted” in a permanent way after a year. Presidente Correa has lasted a long time. He’s been here since 2007. Many people think he’s been one of the better ones; in many ways; though he has a stubborn temper. The leader of the political movement, BAAS, a democrat/socialist, his administration has focused on the implementation of policies viewed as leftist: poverty reduction, and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Ecuador.He was a key ally for Chavez, whom I personally love, oversaw the introduction of a new constitution, and to date, Correa’s administration has succeeded in reducing the high levels of poverty and unemployment in Ecuador. Very cool. The main tenet seems to be to give every Ecuadorian a chance at a job, over the implementation of technology. (My viewpoint.)
Q:I’m looking for a spot to go if the US turns messy..think it will at some point. Any thoughts? Can Americans buy property there?…any idea on costs?
A: I think it’s wonderful here. Yes, I bought property and Americans are encouraged to buy property or invest with a CD for their Resident Visa. It’s a good way to get your visa. I’ve been looking at houses in this area with a friend of mine. My 1 acre cost $22,000 back 8 years ago. Right now we’ve been looking at 1-2 bedroom houses from around $45,000 – 80,000 average, with furniture, fruit trees on a hectare -2 acres. Though everything seems to be rising, fast.
Q: How’s the weather?
A: This is Paradise. The lowest in winter, which is now…is 50 degrees F. and the highest is like 75.
I gotta go now – trying to prepare lunch for the workers as its their farewell gift. It’s 11 a.m. here . Nice talking with you, M!

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