Plantain Citrus Smoothie

 What was this?

About a month ago, a friend of a friend of mine grabbed my hand in front of the Juice Factory and read my palm, saying how powerful I was and that my life line was super short.Then he grabbed it again today and said my life line was super long, I’d live in to the 100s, and that had no connection with the Divine. WTF!!!!I asked my sister, “What can I say to myself to counteract that negativity? What do I do, as it keeps playing in my head? She said, “I know what you mean. I can really feel when something is wrong. Watching or reading heart – opening stuff helps me when someone has messed with me. What do you usually do?  Oh – meditate and surround yourself with light and ask for protection!. Love that!  Maybe we could wrap the offender in a ball of light and mentally float them away like a giant bubble. Or – you can sing Taylor Swift’s,  “Shake It Off” song.”

I did the last one. Better than my immediate response, “I am so connected with the Divine! I am the Divine! Now get the F** away from me, you %*$*%*$.” Ha ha!”


Recipe of the Day – Plantain Citrus Smoothie


1/2 platano or 1 banana

1 mandarin orange

2 stalks celery


Blend or juice the celery, then blend with the other ingredients. Pour over ice cubes, if desired.

Word of the Day – mandarinas – mandarines

Tip of the Day – Dorothy, I am the Divine. Engage. And eat the mandarinas people give you all the time. Wow, they’re so amazing, fresh from the tree. Whoa. Who cares about anything but eating this mandarin?

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